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Like I told you in the previews post, I am now a Momondo Open World Traveler. And, as I promised, I will try and bring you some cool travel deals, to best fit your budget. I am a big fan of city breaks or jaunts – hence the name of the blog. SO… I know the deals on Momondo right now are actually pretty sweet.

35€ round trip Bucharest – Milano? It’s more expensive to take the train in Romania. And let me tell you, Milano is not just for shopping of the Dome. I know you thought I was giving you a quick shopping spree tip. Well.. I’m not, because there are more things to do in Milano, other than shopping. You can check out for yourselves in this little post I wrote a while ago – More than shopping – Half-day adventure in Milano. Don’t let the “half-day” part influence you too much. I only had half day to spare. But the places I wrote about can be enjoyed for a couple of days. Have a cappuccino on Navigli for me!

How about a quick jaunt to Rome beginning of June (6th to 10th)? It is one of my top 3 favorite cities in the world! And for 49€, I might just spent my birthday there. If you are not conviced on just the price, than let me tell you that just going for the best tiramisu in the world it’s worth the trip. Check out My fragments of Rome to see where you can get a piece of that. If you found out about this offer through my blog, toast a glass of red on the 7th for my birthday.

One of the most beautiful fountains in the world – Fontana di Trevi.

For more jaunting options check out Momondo special offers, and you can book both flights, accomodation and rent-a-car. As for me, it looks like I have my heart set back on Italy. By the way, I want to hear how your trip was. So drop me a comment here, on Facebook or on Instagram.

These are the offers from Bucharest. But make sure you check also your local @momondo site for your local deals.


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