Jaunting Trips Best Nine 2019 & Year In Review

Jaunting Trips Best Nine 2019

Well.. it’s that time of the year again, to reflect on the past 12 months, look back at what I’ve learned, experienced and discovered. Somehow my #bestnine2019 only reflect a tiny part of what this year has been all about. Don’t worry it’s not “a moment of epiphany” type of article, but I hope it goes to show that you should appreciate anything and everything that at the end of the day will make you a better version of yourself.

Pushing boundaries

I have always been more  of an introvert growing up so it takes me a little while to get comfortable in new environments especially if I really don’t know anybody. So I decided this year to push my boundaries a little more.

It started out with baby steps, with my second solo trip in Sevilla for 3 days. This was a completely different experience than the one I had in Athens. Maybe that’s even the reason why half of my top nine photos this year are from those 3 days. I actually got one of the best stories here. A couple that I photographed, recognize themselves in my picture and sent me a message. It was the single most random thing ever to happen to me. I then realized I had them in quite a few photos and I send them all. Small world after all.

Then it continued with meeting new people in Madrid at FITUR and forging some new relations with travelers, bloggers and tour operators from different countries. The whole experience was really starting to open up my eyes a bit more. I really wanted to be in that environment. I was also surprised to hear that there is real interest in Romania, so the plan for the year became a bit more clear: travel, experience, share my own country more.

I got the chance to go on two amazing press trips: Experience Bucharest & Experience Romania. Funny enough, it all closed up in a nice circle with my plans to show off more of Romania.  I met some incredible people and made new friends all over the world. In a way pushing my boundaries got me in a zone I was actually more comfortable than I could have ever imagined I would be. I don’t know if you have ever experience that feeling of real belonging, but that was exactly it!

And the one that topped it off… I enrolled in a documentary/journalistic photography workshop. If until now I was merely tiptoeing the ends of my comfort zone, this one threw me out so far I could not even see my boundaries. Check out how that turned up here.

Never stop improving

Testing out new photography techniques, taking my time to create some beautiful content have brought me some real nice compliments from some people I never expected. Some I personally knew, some were people I admired their work. I always say: “I am not a photographer” and I will keep saying that. However, taking in all those appreciations at a deeper level started to show in my work. It made me want to do better and hopefully this will continue in the years to come.

Keep on exploring

I have to say it’s been a good year, considering I am not a full-time traveler. I saw and revisited some beautiful places this year: Sevilla, Madrid, Strasbourg, Lisbon, central Portugal – Beira Baixa, I discovered some amazing heritage sites and some beautiful cities in Romania, saw my country through the eyes of travelers and it only made me want to share more of it.

To sum it up it was a year of rediscovering myself, making new friends and growth. Setting New Year’s resolutions was never a thing for me. So I won’t set any this time either. The only thing I will hold on to is going to be the same as this year. Say “YES” to more adventures and experiences. You never know where you’ll end up, who you’re going to meet and what you’re going to learn.

Here are my best nine all together. If you like them, come over on @jauntingtrips and hit that follow button. And let me know in the comments how your year went? What was your breakthrough? What small thing made a better version of yourself?

Jaunting Trips Best Nine 2019
Jaunting Trips Best Nine 2019

12 Replies to “Jaunting Trips Best Nine 2019 & Year In Review”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I also don’t set actual resolutions for the new year, but like you, I do like to end the year and start the new one by thinking about how I’ll approach life. I personally plan to try to live more minimalist in 2020!

    1. I actually am trying to do that since last year… got rid of a bunch of clothes I didn’t use.. still have a lot, but it’s a start. It’s amazing to see how little we actually need and use.

  2. Looks like you took some amazing trips in 2019! Here’s to even more amazing adventures in 2020!

    1. It was a good travel year 😁. Cheers to an adventurous 2020 🍻

  3. Your photos are lovely! And what a great year you’ve had. Love what happened with your Seville photos.

    1. The Seville story is one of my best travel stories so far. It really puts in perspective how small of a world it really is!

  4. Looking back at the year is something I’ve also done in the last 2 years, and it’s always nice to remember what you’ve managed to do, all the accomplishments and things you are proud of. Hope your 2020 will be as productive, or even more than 2019!

    1. Yeah it’s a nice trip down memory lane 😊. I hope 2020 will be filled with more adventures.

  5. nice review and inspiring words of 2019!!!! You’ve been to so much magical and colorful places , that’s making me jealous!!!!

    1. Thank you! 2019 was a blast. Looking forward to the adventures of 2020

  6. Totally agree! No need to set new years resolution but be open to opportunities, adventures, and experiences! Do what you like and don´t let anyone taking that away from you! Stay safe but keep traveling! Happy 2020!!! 😀

    1. Happy travels to you too in 2020! 🙂

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