Fresh new year, fresh new start! I’m not going to go on about the New Year’s resolutions and promise myself things I won’t actually follow. I decided this year to literally take it one step at a time. And when you’re it taking step by step, might as well enjoy the surroundings. What is better than roaming though the streets of a city and snapping shots left and right, taking in all it has to offer? And what better city to get lost into than Paris. It’s been almost a decade since my last visit there and I can’t tell you how much I missed it. Even though I visited a lot of beautiful places, Paris still holds top spot in my heart.

This time I only had a couple of days to rekindle my love for the City of Lights, but sometimes that is all you need. I’ve done the main attractions twice already, and while I could spend two days just in Louvre, I decided to keep it short and simple and wander mostly around Montmartre.

You can go about Montmartre one of two ways. First, you can go with the flow straight up the hill, take a selfie in front of the Basilica, get tricked into getting your sketch drawn or coerced into buying a colorful bracelet, spend a ton of money on little knick-knack and tick this place off your list. Or…. there is the second way, that I recommend. Get off the subway at Blanche (M2) or Anverse (M2) and just “get lost” on the streets. As long as you keep heading towards Sacre Coeur (the big white church on top of the hill) you should be good. I would say you should start at Anverse and finish your exploration at Blanche in the evening. Seeing Moulin Rouge all lit up is quite spectacular and makes for some great shots (you’ll see what I mean a few pictures below).

But since this is intended to be more of a photo blog post, I’ll keep the blabbing at a minimum and let you enjoy beautiful Paris through my lens. I hope these 15 photos will spark you Parisian spirit, will turn on La vie en rose in your head, and with spring closing in, maybe you’ll book your next trip to the French capital city.

Enjoy a delicious traditional dinner and a glass of fine wine at a tavern in Montmartre
Love is in the air on the steps of Montmartre.
I love a candid shot. Wandering the streets of Montmartre is bound to offer you a frame like this one.
Walking up the 270 steps of Sacre Coeur is totally worth it. From the top you will get a magnificent panoramic view over Paris.
Love seems to be in the air no matter where you are in Paris. If the lockets were removed from Pont des Arts, people will find a place to lock their eternal love. The view point on top of Sacre Coeur is no stranger to these little symbols, and with that view it’s easy to understand why. But the skeptic in me is wondering how many actually stand the test of time?
I’ve been to almost all the main attractions in Paris, but for one reason or another I never climbed on top of Sacre Coeur. I really don’t know why. The view is absolutely amazing!
Getting lost on the street of Montmartre has its advantages. And when you find a walking tour that you can sneak in a eavesdrop… you might find out some cool little facts. Au Lapin Agile was the hangout place for struggling artist like Picasso, Utrillo and Modgiliani. In 1905, Picasso donated his painting “Au Lapin Agile” to the cabaret, apparently to settle the bill. The painting worthing now over $41 million was sold for just 20$ back in 1912.
Rue de l’Abreuvoir is one of the iconic views of Montmartre, painted by the french painter Utrillo. Remember I mentioned him earlier. He was hanging out with Picasso at Au Lapin Agile.
One of the best places to hang out in Paris is on the steps of Sacre Coeur. From here you can enjoy an amazing view over Paris, listen to talented street artists play incredible music and take in the most beautiful sunsets you can imagine… if the clouds don’t get in the way.
At the foot of Montmartre there is of course the famous Moulin Rouge. And taking a night shot of it, is much more spectacular than during the day.

I couldn’t leave Paris without checking out Trocadero, Notre-Dame and the banks of Siene and adding to my collection of night shots some beautiful views of the City of Lights.

Walking the streets of Paris can lead you to some amazing story shots. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and your camera ready.
A great way to relax and enjoy the day is to have a picnic on the banks of Siene river. Grab a blanket, some snacks and enjoy the rays of the sun… even in autumn.
You can’t say you haven’t been to Paris, and not have taken at least one selfie in front of Notre Dame. It is one of my favorite spots for people watching. All those stories being created and shared with loved ones, memories embedded in hundreds of social media accounts, all at once.
And since the dark comes early during late autumn, might as well take advantage and get a proper night shot of the Arc de Triomphe. Lucky there are those cross-walking islands so I could set up my tripod with no stress.
You can photograph the Eifel Tower from so many angles and get so many incredible shots. I might give it a go next time I’m in Paris and make a “Where to shoot Eifel Tower from” blog post. One of my favorites remains the view of Ecole Militare through the legs of the Eifel Tower from Trocadero. In the night time, it’s even more spectacular.


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Jaunting Tips

  • I really enjoy walking, but in Paris, distances can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, if you are tired, or you have a tight schedule. So if you are staying for a week-end, I suggest you grab yourself a 10 ticket booklet that costs 14.90€. If you feel you will use more than 5 tickets a day, you can get a 2 days transport pass for 19.50€. Look only for the 1-3 zones. That’s your “target area”. Frankly I didn’t use 10 tickets, but then again I love walking. For more info about the public transport costs click here.
  • If this isn’t your first visit in Paris and you are staying for just a couple days, select an area an wander around on foot. No rush. Just take in the city. Enjoy the architecture and the views.
  • Want to get those awesome night shots? Arm yourself with a tripod and patience.